8(a) Application Response Service

The 8(a) Application Response Service is designed for clients who want IST to prepare, assemble and complete a response package to respond to a letter received from the SBA. This can be an Add-On or Stand Alone Service. The fee is at a per letter basis.

Service Features:

The following service features are included in our 8(a) Application Response Service:

  • IST will review and schedule an Initial Meeting to discuss the response received from SBA upon receipt of the original letter.
  • IST will complete a draft of the response and request supporting documents that will help in the response process.
  • IST will research various case laws and statistics that will aide in the success of the response to SBA.
  • IST will send a completed first draft for the client’s review and approval within 7 days of receipt of the SBA response letter from client.
  • IST will send a completed copy of the response by email and USPS Priority Mail for the client’s signature and dates.
  • IST will send a final email with what the next steps of submitting the response to SBA to include a cover letter addressing the analyst that requested the response from SBA.