Training Program

At IST, we believe in comprehensive training for all of our personnel. We have invested significant resources into the development of a company-wide training center and a staff to provide our employees with an on-going training program. Courses are designed to address current industry issues and are scheduled for all of our people, from the President to the field laborer. Through the Training Center, we offer programs in safety, quality control, project controls, estimating, craft training, human resource issues, industry specific topics, and company-wide education as a means to improve front line consistency and accountability.

In order to manage quality effectively, it is necessary that we train and re-train our employees as emerging techniques, new materials, and innovative approaches are introduced to our industry. This formal approach to training is supplemented corporate-wide with the on-going development of “Best Known Methods” (BKM’s). BKM’s are better solutions to standard practices that any one of our employees might develop. They are documented, cataloged and shared throughout the organization so that we all benefit from each others innovation.

Continuous Training keeps our knowledge fresh and our skills sharp. Continuous Training is one way for us to invest in our employees, thus enhancing our ability to develop future leaders. Through Continuous Training we invest in our future, by investing in you.