8(a) BD Full Package Review Service

The 8(a) BD Full Package Review Service is designed for clients who want IST to review their 8 (a) BD Package to ensure that they have met all of the SBA’s regulatory requirements before submitting their application to the SBA for processing.

Service Features:

The following service features are included in our 8(a) BD Full Package Review Service:

  • IST will evaluate the business ownership, control, size standards, compliance, economic and social disadvantage (if applicable).
  • IST will review each data field of your online application for completeness. We will also review your corporate and financial documents as well as your economic and social (if applicable) narratives and determine whether these enclosures meet the SBA requirements. If these supporting enclosures need modification, we can modify these for you.
  • IST will evaluate any requests for SBA Required Length in Time in Business SBA Waivers.
  • IST will identify and document specific areas of the 8(a) BD application that must be changed in order to prevent a problem with the SBA.
  • IST will identify places where signatures are required in the entire 8(a) BD application.
  • IST will provide status reports explaining any deficiencies or modifications that must be made to your application.
  • IST will re-evaluate the corrected application, using the same process above and provide a final statement of compliance to the applicant upon shipment of the application.
  • IST will transmit the final reviewed package via USPS-Priority Mail delivery service to the applicant.
  • The applicant may contact IST to address any questions or open issues concerning the submittal of the application to the SBA.