Full 8(a) Package Preparation Service

Our Full 8(a) Package Preparation Service is designed for clients who want IST to prepare, assemble and complete their entire 8(a) BD application.

Service Features:

The following service features are included in our Full 8(a) Package Preparation Service:

  • IST will be happy to meet with your accountant and/or legal team via phone conference to discuss in detail any issues with your 8(a) application to ensure successful completion of all financial and governing documents before submission to SBA.
  • IST will do an extensive interview for this service upon receipt of a signed service agreement. We’ll ask you a number of questions to make sure you’ll qualify so we don’t waste your time or energy on a project that will not succeed. If you don’t qualify, we’ll reimburse your deposit within 24 hours.
  • IST will thoroughly inspect every item you submit for any potential problems. The SBA is very detailed in their inspection so this must be done perfectly.
  • IST will prepare your 8(a) Economic Disadvantage Narrative and/or the 8(a) Social Disadvantage Narrative that is such a critical part of your application.
  • IST will prepare the entire application including the online application, double-checking everything to be sure it meets all SBA guidelines. We will also assemble the entire package (usually 3-4 inches thick) in a binder with tabs, inserts, and an appropriate cover letter.
  • IST will provide you the client with our SBA 1010c Business Plan Template at no additional charge so that you can start working on this much needed document that is required before signing any 8(a) contracts.