Information Security and Training, LLC is dedicated to providing superior products and services to all of our customers while maintaining the highest moral and ethical principles with absolute, unwaiverable integrity. We recognize that our employees are the greatest assets of our company. We strive to hire and retain the best, and make every effort to provide a career path to success within IST. We seek to improve our workforce through training and education programs.

Is there a career waiting for you at IST? Find out here, and join our team of professionals in challenging environments.

At IST we value the diversity of employees and broad scope of talent they bring to our clients; Government and Defense alike. We honor our commitment to treating everyone with fairness and respect and offer unique career development; allowing for personal and professional growth. For job consideration please e-mail your resume to em********@is*****.com.

Employment Policies of IST Corporation

IST’s continued success is a direct result of the selection, the development, and the commitment of its employees. The profitable, responsible growth and business success of the Company, and personal growth of the individual, results from hiring the most qualified personnel to perform the work while enhancing and using their abilities within the framework of the business environment. By hiring, compensating, training, promoting and providing fair treatment to all employees, the effectiveness of IST’s operations will be maintained and enhanced. IST’s primary employment policies are:

Equal Employment Policy: It is company policy to take Affirmative Action in recruiting, hiring, development, promotion, transfer, compensation, educational assistance, and training of employees to ensure that Equal Opportunity is available to everyone without regard to race, sex, color, age, religion, national origin, disability, or veteran status.

Ethics: A potential employee’s “standard of excellence” is a primary consideration in an offer of employment with IST. This standard includes a strong work ethic, honesty, high moral character, and strong integrity. The welfare of the team is foremost in importance, and personal ambitions and recognition must be secondary. Maintaining a high standard of business ethics (corporate and employee) is essential to the Corporation. IST has an excellent reputation for conducting business with integrity, fairness, and in accordance with the highest ethical standards. Each employee enjoys the benefits of that reputation and is obligated to uphold it in every business activity.

Non-Harassment Policy: IST believes that employees should have the opportunity to work in an environment free of harassment based on the employee’s race, skin color, religion, gender, sex, national origin, age, or disability. Harassment is specifically prohibited as unlawful as well as a violation of IST’s policy.

Drug Free Work Place: In order to maintain a safe and productive work environment for our valuable employees, IST is resolved to prevent the employment of any person whose lifestyle incorporates the use of illegal substances and/or the abusive use of alcohol. In order to meet this goal, IST requires all employees to submit to pre-employment, random, for cause, and/or post accident drug screening.

Release of Information: With the exception of records and information that IST is legally required to provide to government agencies, no information about an employee will be released unless there is a signed authorization form from him/her on file, and the request for information is in writing. This does not include verification of information requested routinely for credit purposes (such as salary, term of employment, etc.).

Nondisclosure of Proprietary Information: Each employee signs an agreement to protect company sensitive information upon employment with IST. Adhering to this agreement is a condition of employment with IST.

Conflict of Interest: A conflict of interest occurs when an employee has outside employment or financial interests that are competition, or could be competition for IST. Candidates are obligated to disclose any personal activity that presents such a conflict at time of application.