Basic Assistance

For those companies that are able to invest personal time more easily than money, SBC offers the Basic Assistance Service. It is appropriate for businesses that:

  • Are interested in having their goods and/or services listed on the GSA Schedule;
  • Have limited investment capital; and
  • Feel confident in navigating most proposal requirements, but would like to utilize SBC staff for guidance with process and/or GSA negotiations.

As part of the Basic Assistance Service, SBC will:

  • Assist the client in acting as project manager for their own GSA submissions;
  • Provide guidance, education, training, advice, and experience as the client requires;
  • Review a final proposal package before the client submits the package to GSA;
  • Submit the proposal, if requested, via GSA’s online submission eOffer service; and
  • Assist the client during the administrative review, negotiation, and FPR stages as needed