Comprehensive Listing

With the Comprehensive Listing Service, SBC proposal specialists work closely with staff from your company so that we completely understand your core business. This understanding allows us to present to GSA a proposal that demonstrates your company in the best possible manner. Our methodology for developing your GSA Schedule proposal includes:

  • Becoming familiar with your company’s offering;
  • Working with you to obtain basic information about your company (everything from your DUNS number to the name of your contract administrator);
  • Obtaining information about your company that is specific to the schedule for which you are applying (including everything from labor categories to product country of origin);
  • Ascertaining your company’s credibility in order to optimize your presentation to the government;
  • Assisting you to codify your commercial sales practices; and
  • Developing pricing and government discounting practices.

SBC then develops and submits a bid to GSA. We match exactly the federal government’s extensive requirements and criteria. Our staff successfully completes your GSA Schedule listing by:

  • Completing all necessary forms;
  • Delivering your proposal and the completed forms to the appropriate GSA acquisition center;
  • Speeding the process of your proposal by pro-actively discussing your offer with the Contracting Officer and using our extensive network and relations with government agencies to your advantage;
  • Completing the administrative review, negotiation, and FPR stages; and
  • Updating you regularly on the status of your proposal/listing.