Program Management

Within the world of project management, IT projects pose greater challenges than most as evidenced by their statistically high failure rate. The causes of the failures include the project management issues that confront all projects – inadequate time, budget, or resources to devote to a project – but information technology project management and IT projects also face unique technology challenges, from fluid or ill-defined requirements on development projects to hardware, operating system, network, or database instability, to information security risks and interoperability issues.

At IST we have broad experience in IT project management consulting. While our project management methodology is product and subject matter agnostic, we provide qualified IT and business Project Managers whose prior experience has been assessed and verified, who have met our own exacting project management standards, and who have successfully confronted the particular challenges that IT projects embody.

Our Project Management services completely mitigate the impact to the project schedule and cost that would otherwise be associated with having to replace a Project Manager through the consistent use of our project management methodology and weekly project audits. This system of checks-and-balances allows our Auditors, all of whom are Senior Project Managers, to be so familiar with the projects they audit that they are able to take over a project if required without stalling or replanning it.

We develop a thorough understanding of your business by permanently assigning an Account Manager and Auditors to your account and ensuring that all information gathered during our first and subsequent engagements regarding your organization’s onboarding processes, project management deliverables, and culture is documented, retained, and utilized to train and audit our project management consultants assigned to your projects.

Below is a copy of our program management brief.