System Engineering and Integration

IST has broad experience vertically and horizontally integrating a variety of large scale systems, including the integration of components and subsystems into a vertical system and horizontal integration in terms of agencies and partners that provide a larger capability. IST performs interoperability and interface studies and recommends solutions in programs such Aegis and BMD. IST’s integration experts provide system engineering analysis, reviews, studies, documentation and recommendations related to the development, interoperability, integration analysis, operations, sustainment and disposal of major systems. IST provides development support for the creation of training materials, operational doctrine and techniques.

IST conducts end-to-end test and evaluation of satellite, missiles, launch vehicles, sensors, and combat weapon systems, including testbed planning and design, analysis and testing.

IST performs test bed planning and design and provides technical support for the Deputy of Systems Engineering and Integration for MDA, Ballistic Missile Defense System reviews, element-level tabletops, and various MDA working groups. IST performs and coordinates international studies and analysis, facilitates international technical interactions, and performs international disclosure reviews.